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Nicasil - The ULTIMATE Liner
These liners are used exclusively in Formula 1 and are now available to many high
level racing programs looking for ultimate performance without compromise.  These
ceramic liners can be installed in cast iron or aluminum blocks.  These liners have the
perfect surface and hardness characteristics to produce a low friction, low wear
surface that  when properly prepared starts round and stays round resulting in virtually
no leakdown.  The result is more power and reliability for your engine.

The use of these liners requires special block preparation and exacting tolerances
along with special installation procedures.  Once they’re installed they should be
honed with the proper equipment.  LSM prepares blocks on precision CNC equipment
and has the know-how to install and hone the liners for proper performance.
No Leakdown
Many customers have experienced <1% liners.

Ring Selection
The liners work well with a variety of rings as
long as they aren't chrome plated.  Best
success has been with tungsten carbide rings.

Less Wear
The super hard (90 HRc) surface will produce
virtually no wear.  There is actually an
economic benefit to these liners when
increased life is considered.

Liners are available with steel, aluminum and
MMC substrates.  

Lower Friction
Enhanced oil retention lowers friction at both
the ring pack and piston skirt, allowing more
power to get to the crankshaft.
virtually zero bore distortion.