4670 Hatchery Rd
Waterford Michigan 48329

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Custom CNC Grinds in 1-2 days!
advanced manufacturing techniques to manufacture our camshafts
to the highest quality level.

Most standard Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler cams are available in
stock.  We utilize ultra-precision CNC cam grinders to provide you
with the ultimate camshaft.  By utilizing CNC grinders we can grind
any profile and are not limited to a selection of masters.  A custom
ground cam can usually be shipped within 1-2 days.

Big Bearing Cams
LSM has pioneered big bearing cams.  These
camshafts increase rigidity and offer more
aggressive profiles while maintaining
valvetrain integrity.  These camshafts
make more power.

Custom Cam Cores in 5-7 Weeks!
We can custom design and manufacture a unique  camshaft for your
application.   We can produce a cam to your specs, to a provided
sample, or to optimize geometry for your valvetrain.  We can gun drill
for reduced mass.  Anything from vintage V12 to single cylinder
hydra applications can be delivered.  Cams that you can’t get
anywhere else such as reverse rotating cams, cams for flat plane
cranks, or cams for finger followers and direct acting applications
are our strengths.  We take pride in the quality controlled method
utilized to manufacture our camshafts and UGLs. Our parts have
high quality machined surfaces and every feature is precisely
located.  We can supply quantities from as little as 5 to over 1000.

Alternative Fire Orders
We have most firing orders in stock including standard fire, the 4-7
swap (“A”), and the 4-7, 3-2 swap (“C”).  These fire orders make
more power when matched with the proper manifold and header
systems. Alternative fire orders are available for most engine
configurations including Ford, Chevy and Chrysler.  Custom fire
orders for flat plane cranks, reverse rotation cams and reverse
rotation crankshafts are also available.

Custom Lifter Angles and Positions
We’ve spent a lot of time creating camshafts and block machining
programs to optimize and straighten valvetrain geometry so that
higher RPMs can be achieved.  When combined with custom block
machining these cams really provide the edge.

At LSM we have the expertise needed to make camshafts and
valvetrain systems work.  We utilize internally developed advanced
computer modeling software to analyze valvetrain motion that can
handle your application from standard pushrod to desmodromic
applications.  LSM has the answer to your camshaft needs whether
you need the latest big bearing camshaft, or want to experiment with
profiles or firing orders.
To get started on your custom camshaft, download our cam tech
sheet. Fill it out with your information and fax or email back to us.
Camshaft Tech Sheet. pdf (13k)