Keyed Lifters
LSM’s development course has been to innovate and
push relating technology in a systematic approach.  We
first introduced high performance valve springs but
found that few camshafts could take advantage of the
spring properly.  This resulted in the development of
larger bearing, alternative fire order fully CNC ground
camshafts.  The next weak link was the cylinder block.  
LSM now precision CNC machines cylinder blocks and
performs custom lightening programs.  Our job still wasn’
t finished.  In many circumstances special workarounds
had to be implemented to contend with the lifters that
were available.  Typically there were oiling problems, the
inability of the lifter to hit base circle, or outright lack of
robustness of the lifter to handle aggressive camshaft

With this history, LSM is proud to release our keyed .
937 lifter.  After two years of development this lifter is
the finest available.  Its large .850 wheel provides
optimum contact stresses for improved life.  The integral
key adds strength and precision.  Pressure fed oil to the
roller axle and improved oiling system eliminate oiling
problems in virtually every application.  Roller fatigue is
improved over 200% compared to the competition.  It’s
raised key allows for greater lift variation.  As with all of
LSM’s products you can be assured that the lifters are
made from the highest quality materials and to the
utmost precision.
Custom Bushings
LSM Produces the finest bushings
available manufactured from the
highest quality bronze.  These are
available installed in your block or  
can be provided in sets for your

Versus a tiebar lifter the keyed lifter is
lightweight by eliminating the tiebar
linkage.  We also are the first to
incorporate the key into the lifterbody
for the utmost strength and precision.
The lifter weighs approximately 91g.
Outperforms the Competition
When placed in a head to head comparison against the
latest competitor’s keyed lifter on a block known for it’s
appetite for lifters, LSM’s lifter came out shining.  You
ask about competitor’s piece?  Bon Appetite!

Competitive Pricing
Racers who demand the best will want this lifter.  LSM
has refined the manufacturing process to be able to
provide an uncompromised part with many upgraded
features at a competitive price.
have straight pushrods.  With a straight pushrod
valvetrain stability at high speed increases drastically
and RPM capability of the motor increases.  Without
rolled to the proper angle for optimum geometry.  
LSM has custom block machining programs and
camshafts to optimize many engine combinations.