4670 Hatchery Rd
Waterford Michigan 48329
Block Machining
At LSM we have the expertise and technical know how to not only machine your block but to work with you
to optimize your engine combination.  Our experience in designing, analyzing and manufacturing high
performance valvetrain systems makes us your ideal partner in your next engine development program.  
We utilize internally developed advanced computer modeling software which allows LSM to design/engineer
and manufacture systems that other companies can’t do.  We are innovators in design and manufacture of
camshafts, valve springs, blocks, and other important peripheral components.  We await your development
Rough Machining
At LSM all blocks are machined on state of the art 4 and 5 axis
vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers.  This assures the
highest accuracy and quality available in the industry.  We can
machine your block whether it is cast iron, compacted
graphite, or aluminum.
Finish Machining
Racers are always looking for the edge in
performance.  This can be accomplished
through a properly prepared block.  Not
machined and precisely located but the
block can be customized for peak
performance.  Accurate machining
results in less friction and more power.  
Lifter angles and locations can be
adjusted to straighten, shorten and
provide optimum angles for the
pushrods.  The cam bore can be raised.  
Custom head bolt patterns can be
requested.  Of course we offer all
standard machining including customer
specification of bore size, deck height,
fire rings, etc.  We work with all racing
categories from street stock and circle
track to all levels of professional racing.
This fully prepared dart Iron Eagle drag race block is
typical of our upper level capability.
Our custom lightening routines remove up to 50lb
of excess metal from the block while maintaining
structural integrity.
All of our CNC machining centers utilize
guarantee accuracy.
Hot Honing
Hot honing a block involves heating the block
with hot oil to simulate thermal distortions of a
running motor followed by honing the cylinder
bores.  The result is cylinders that are round
and form a superior seal when the engine in
high quality Ampco bronze.  These are standard in the
blocks that we machine but can also be purchased
Block Work Spec Sheet.pdf